Lab Analysis

All products are third party tested for purity and quality. Click on the batch numbers below to view certificates of analysis

Scan barcode on the label of your product to be taken to the lab results page, then type in the batch number printed on the bottle to view results.

If scanning barcode doesn't work, click this link: and type in the batch number.

Tincture - 250mg (mint)

Lot Number: HTM250-T128 

Tincture - 500mg (lemon)

Lot Number: 001

Tincture - 500mg (orange)

Lot Number: 001

Softgels - 300mg

Lot Number: 001

Salve - 500mg

Lot Number: HB1OZ500-T150

Gummies - 300mg (apple)

Lot Number: 0325191

Vape Cartidge - 500mg (citrus)

Lot Number: 0805191


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